Packards of Arizona

Packards of Arizona Motor Car Club is dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the Packard Motor Car and providing various benefits to its members. It is not necessary to own a Packard to belong. Close association with other Packard enthusiasts is both helpful and enjoyable, therefore a number of regional clubs were established to more closely organize Packard enthusiasts. Our region, Packards of Arizona was chartered in May of 1973

Who Made Packard ?

Well, Packard made Packard of course!

Packard was one of the greatest marques in the history the automobile, projecting the aura, prestige and excellence unmatched by any other manufacturer in North America during the years between the two world wars.  Packard has been described as being the automobile that, “expressed a young America’s striving for elegance, a tradition, a heritage to match the centuries-old culture of Europe.”  Many consider Packard the only real competition that Rolls-Royce ever faced.

The Packard Motor Car Company produced 1,610,890 automobiles between 1899 and 1958.

Packard produced a famous advertising slogan that is still being used for other products and services today.  It was originated in 1901 by James Packard, who believed that talking about Packards was a waste of time, best left to the owners.  When his secretary asked him for a sales brochure to send to a prospective customer, Packard replied that they had no literature and to tell the customer to, “Ask the Man Who Owns One.”

In 1921 Warren G. Harding was the first American president to be driven in an automobile to his inauguration.  The automobile was a big, beautiful, Twelve-cylinder “Twin-Six” Packard.  In 1937 the first car to cross the brand new Golden Gate Bridge was a Packard.

Packard was also responsible for many automotive “firsts” such as:

  1. First to use a steering wheel instead of a tiller
  2. First to equip cars with balloon (pneumatic) tires as standard equipment
  3. First to include front and rear bumpers as standard equipment
  4. First to use the selective gear shift with the “H” pattern movement
  5. First to introduce complete weather-conditioning in production cars
  6. First to provide sun visors
  7. First to provide a package (glove) compartment in the instrument panel
  8. First American production car to provide four-wheel brakes as standard equipment
  9. First company to build a 1,000 hp aircraft engine
  10. First to develop and fly a diesel aircraft engine
  11. First American company to offer an L-head, straight-eight engine
  12. First American company to offer a V-type, twelve-cylinder engine
  13. First automobile company to build a 24-cylinder engine

Packards International

Packards International is devoted to the enjoyment and preservation of the Packard Motor Car. Packard is the name of one of the world’s most prestigious and honored automobiles. We hope you realize the proud distinction that is yours for possessing an automobile of rare and unequaled heritage. For sixty years Packardreigned unchallenged as “The Soft Spoken Boss of the Road” – the supreme combination of all that is fine in motor cars. The production of the Packard ended in 1958, but a breed of enthusiasts live on who are dedicated to the enjoyment and preservation of the Packard automobile. We are an international fraternity of Packard hobbyists and this is your venue to enjoy the camaraderie of fellow enthusiasts dedicated to the preservation of the Packard Automobile and the principles of the Packard Motor Car Company. We are a global fraternity; we are Packards International. The purpose of Packards International is the perpetuation and use of all Packard automobiles and all material pertaining to them; to provide a source of and point of exchange for information and material related to same; and to provide and regulate events, tours, and exhibitions of Packard Motor Cars. Packards International was founded in 1963 and currently has over 2200 members worldwide. The club publishes a wealth of literature and information pertaining to almost all years and models of Packards including sales catalogs, owners’ manuals and shop manuals. Your Membership in Packards International includes: PI’s Award Winning Glossy Cover Magazine (published 4 times per year) “Packards International Magazine” PI’s Award Winning News Counselor (published 4 times per year) “The News Counselor” PI’s Catalog of Parts and Literature “The Packards Parts Catalog” An Invitation to PI’s Annual Membership Meet, Seminars, Car Shows, etc. An Invitation to PI’s Annual National Tour. Access to information and assistance concerning your Packard Motor Car. For those of you curious about acquiring a Packard Motor Car . . . . . it’s simple “ASK THE MAN WHO OWNS ONE”